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Центральные банки стран мира

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  Название Текущая ставка Страна
Резервный банк Австралии (RBA)

Резервный банк Австралии основан 14 января 1960 года. Он стал центральным банком Австралии и эмитентом денежных знаков после того как Банк Австралийского союза перестал...

4,35%  Австралия
Национальный банк Австрии (OeNB)

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) is the central bank of the Republic of Austria and, as such, an integral part of both the European System of Central Banks (ESCB)...

0,0%  Австрия
Центральный банк Азербайджана (NBA)

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan is the central bank of Azerbaijan, emitting Azerbaijani manat. In early 1992, former Soviet banks were incorporated into the National Bank...

6,25%  Азербайджан
Банк Албании (BoA)

The Bank of Albania is the only institution in the Republic of Albania responsible for designing, compiling, approving and implementing the monetary policy. This policy...

0,5%  Албания
Банк Алжира

The Bank of Algeria's mission is to maintain in the field of currency, credit and foreign exchange, the conditions most conducive to an orderly development of the...

4%  Алжир
Центральный банк Анголы (BNA)

The National Bank of Angola was set up in the year 1926. Though the sole aim of establishing the bank was to control the commerce of the country, still by the time the...

20,0%  Ангола
Центральный банк Аргентины (BCRA)

The Central Bank of Argentina, also known as the “BCRA”, was established on May 28th, 1935 to act as the country’s financial agent in all cases. The Bank is run by a...

60,0%  Аргентина
Центральный банк Армении (CBA)

The Central Bank of Armenia is a legal entity, the sole founder of which is the Republic of Armenia. The Central Bank operates in accordance with the Constitution and...

6,5%  Армения
Центральный банк Арубы (CBA)

The Central Bank of Aruba (the Bank) started its operations on January 1, 1986, when Aruba obtained its status as an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the...

3%  Аруба
Да Афганистан банк (DAB)

The Afghanistan Bank is the central bank of Afghanistan. It regulates all the banking and money handling operations in Afghanistan. In 2009, the Afghan Ministry of...

15,00%  Афганистан
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